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Location:New Zealand
Queer lady Pākehā scientist, in fandom for (mumble) years. Right now I'm most active on Tumblr and Twitter but I'm trying to move more stuff to DW. You can find my fic on the AO3.

I will do my best to spoiler-tag (in the format “X spoilers”) and/or add a cut for spoilers in these timeframes post-release:

TV shows/podcasts/other episodic media - 1 week
Comics/webcomics - 1 week
Movies - 1 month
Newly-released books - 3 months for all spoilers, 6 months for major plot spoilers
Anything older than 6 months in any form: fair game, no spoiler tags (but fandom/work tags, so you can filter by those)
Especially for the Rivers of London fandom: I only spoiler tag for book spoilers for Lies Sleeping, and the comics for ~1 week after an issue is released. So if you’re new to the fandom, please exercise caution if you’re going through my RoL tags.

Transformative Works
We all create in a shared space, so podfic or other derivative work of my fanfic is always OK. No need to ask for specific permission. If you’d rather, that’s fine too; you just get to know what the answer is in advance. I always like hearing about derivative work, but I may or may not listen to/read it myself - it’s not personal if I don’t!
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